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If you have a medical, fire, or other emergency in Tombstone or Cochise County dial or text 911 for help.

Emergency services are available through 911 everywhere in Cochise County.

Text Option for 911

Cochise County now has text option for 911 for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who may have a speech impediment, and for anyone who may be in a dangerous situation and can't ask for help out loud.

Calling is the preferred method of contacting 911, but texting is an option.

To text Cochise County emergency services type 911 in the field where a name or someone’s phone number would be entered on your phone, then type the request for help in the message field. Then press Send.

The text will be received on a 911 dispatcher’s computer screen.

If you do not know your location, the communications center can pinpoint it from the signal that’s picked up from a cell phone tower carrying your text, the same as a call.

Non-Emergency Contact

If you need to speak with the Sheriff's Office, but it is not an emergency, the contact number is: (520)432-9500 or 800-362-0812

Home > Emergency Info > 911


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